Law Clerk, Los Angeles, California

Created 07/22/2021
Reference 446979
Job type Full Time
Country United States
State California
City Los Angeles
Job Description

Office of Chief Trial Counsel

Hourly Rate: $25.99

Temporary Full-time Position - Limited to 6 months


The Law Clerk, under general supervision of a member of the State Bar, performs legal research, drafts legal documents and provides assistance in the timely processing of legal advice and or litigation.


Duties may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Performs research and analyses of files, case laws, statutes and other relevant material pertaining to legal issues and prepares appropriate legal memoranda and draft reports.
  • Screens, files, indexes and circulates legal documents and periodicals. In addition, prepares materials for the purpose of updating State Bar publications relating to the professional and ethical responsibilities of lawyers and develops other materials for the education of the bench, bar and public concerning the professional and ethical responsibilities of lawyers.
  • Contacts complaining witnesses and respondents' attorneys to arrange for depositions, hearings and prepares summaries of lengthy depositions and transcripts.
  • Responds to telephone inquiries from members of the State Bar and analyzes written inquires and prepares draft responses in accordance with policy, procedures and guidelines approves by the State Bar. In addition, may receive complaints in person or over the telephone regarding attorney misbehavior and analyzes written inquires and prepares draft responses in accordance.
  • Destroys confidential materials after statutory period expires.
  • May perform a number of other similar or related duties which may not be specifically included within this position description, but which are consistent with the general level of the job and the responsibilities described.

Knowledge of:

  • Basic legal research methods and procedures.
  • Legal principles and their applications.
  • Computerized communication and processing systems.
  • Principles of effective legal writing and verbal presentations.
  • Principles of problem identification, analysis and evaluation.
  • Rules of evidence and conduct or proceedings in trial and appellate courts in California.
  • Scope and character of federal and California statutory law and provisions of federal and California constitutions.
Ability to:

  • Analyze legal issues and apply appropriate legal principles.
  • Review and analyze complex written documents.
  • Receive and relay detailed information through verbal and written communication.
  • Possess visual capability and digital dexterity to operate a computer and other standard office equipment.
  • Communicate clearly and effectively in person and in writing.
  • Make fine visual distinctions upon proofreading written document and viewing information on a computer screen.
  • Endure long periods of sitting.
  • Digital dexterity to assemble, retrieve and replace files.
  • Obtain and present material in oral and/or written form.
  • Handle public contact by telephone.

Must be enrolled in an accredited law school with an academic standing of C or better.

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